Karmay- Anufood China 2023 was successfully held | Karmay will look forward to meeting you at the FBIF2023 iFood Show in


Anufood China 2023

The Anufood China 2023 was successfully held in Shenzhen in May 10-12,Karmay successfully participated in the exhibition.

Exhibition MomentsExciting Review

Karmay brought multiple popular plastic products such as yogurt cups, ice cream cups, coffee cups, coffee cup lids, and milk powder lids at the exhibition. Karmay actively discussed topics such as green packaging with customers.

Show strength, Explore the market

During the exhibition, Karmay team warmly communicated with customers, customers can experience Karmay high-quality products and professional services.

looking for opportunities, promoting cooperation

Karmay team actively visited on-site food exhibitors, communicated face-to-face, and obtained valuable business opportunities and market information.

Thank you for your support and attention.

Next stop,Karmay will look forward to meeting you at the FBIF2023 iFood Show C59 in June.

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