The 13th Shenzhen International Plastics and Rubber industry exhibition 2020



The 13th Shenzhen International Plastics and Rubber industry exhibition 2020



The 13th Shenzhen International Plastics and Rubber industry exhibition 2020 there days in Shenzhen.

International Plastics 


The exhibition includes five theme exhibit area: rubber industry exhibit area, plastic machinery and auxiliary supporting exhibit area, plastic packaging industry exhibit area, recycled plastics and technical equipment exhibit area, plastic products and raw material additives exhibit area.

 plastic packaging


Showed the latest scientific research results of plastic and environmental protection to the dealers and other industry professionals.we were fortunate to witness many new environmentally friendly materials and related products and had a better understanding of the trend of banning plastic and environmental protection.


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 environmental protection

environmentally friendly materials



Karmay Plastic Products (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Have communicated with the representative suppliers of environmental protection materials, and plans to buy some raw materials for use in injection molding related products, in order to contribute more to the environmental protection and green concept of food packaging.

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