Under the " eating alone" in single economy, how can food packaging cater to the trend of "exquisite lazi


        By 2018, China's single adult population had reached 240 million, and after 85-95 was the main force of this group. "Single economy" has gradually become a "new outlet" for the growth of the food industry, and "one person food" has gradually become a new normal. 59.5% of the "one person food" consumers are 26-40 years old, and their monthly disposable income is more than 3000 yuan, accounting for more than 90%. On the premise of "fast" life pace and income improvement, the needs of convenience, personalization, health and safety have gradually become the general trend of consumption. Even if they are "lazy", modern young people also want to be "too lazy to be exquisite", so microwave series food came into being.

        In order to realize the "exquisite laziness" pursued by consumers, microwave food should continuous upgrade the convenience .The packaging container can be heated with the food in the microwave oven that can be completed in just a few minutes. So it is particular require the materials : ① The packaging materials meet the hygienic standards; The material has low dielectric coefficient and good microwave penetration; Heat resistance; It has cold resistance and needs to be resistant to - 20 ; Resistant to oil, water, acid and alkali; It is convenient, cheap and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Among the plastic food packaging raw materials, polypropylene (PP) is the material that meets the microwave heating conditions. Its service temperature range is - 30 ~ 100 . It is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and translucent solid material. Even after heating, it will not produce substances harmful to human body. It is called food grade raw materials.

        Karmay has focused on plastic food packaging for more than 26 years, using food grade PP as main materials. According to the market trend of "eating alone " and "exquisite laziness", Karmay has developed and designed plastic food packaging containers suitable for microwave heating, which can be used to pack the food with high temperature or the microwave heating foods.

        1、It is not easy to break and deform in case of cold and heat, meeting the operation requirements of quick freezing before heating.

        2、Vertical lines on the cup mouth and lengthened small details on the cup bottom can effectively reduce the heat feeling of packaging after microwave heating.

        3、The 200-600ml series of products can meet the needs of mass consumers.

        4、PP material is safe and non-toxic. After cleaning, it can be used for other purposes, such as planting potted plants, manual materials, storing other household items, etc.

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