Analytical Training on Global Standards for Packaging Materials (6th Edition)



On August 1, 2019, BRCGS released the latest version of the packaging material standard, which was officially implemented on February 1, 2020. In order to improve the quality management level of Karmay Company, on May 8-9, 2020, an explanation training for packaging materials global standards (6th edition) was held, and related departments of the company sent representatives to participate in this training.


Training content:


Introduction of BRCGS packaging materials global standards

BRC原为:British Retail Consortium(英国零售协会),现更为:Brand, Reputation and Compliance (品牌 信誉 合规)

BRC was originally: British Retail Consortium (British Retail Consortium), and now it is: Brand, Reputation and Compliance (brand reputation compliance)


The audit standards for packaging material suppliers recognized by international buyers include: BRCGS, FSSC22000, and IFS standards. The global SGS certification has only issued more than 4,400 BRCGS certificates, with Asia accounting for only 22%, and Karmay is one of them.

嘉美专注于卫生食品包装容器,秉承以客为尊,质量第一的经营理念,坚持严格的质量及卫生监控标准。生产车间及生产工艺严格遵循GMP的标准,拥有10万级洁净空间。整个生产流程严格的按照食品安全标准以及GMP要求生产,并通过严格的质量管理对来料检验,已通过BRCGSISO22000:2018FSSC22000 V5Sedex等认证。

Karmay focuses on hygienic food packaging containers, adhering to the customer-oriented, quality first business philosophy, and adhering to strict quality and hygiene monitoring standards. The production workshop and production process strictly follow the GMP standard, with 100,000 clean rooms. The entire production process is strictly produced in accordance with food safety standards and GMP requirements, and the incoming materials are inspected through strict quality management. It has passed BRCGS, ISO22000: 2018, FSSC22000 V5, Sedex and other certifications.


Features and major changes of the sixth edition of the BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Materials

BRCGS标准规定了包装制造商、供应商、包装商、充装货商及零售商的“尽职尽责”要求。新版BRCGS标准主要在6个方面进行了要求更新,主要涉及食品安全文化、企业环境监控、食品防护系统、风险控制、宠物食品&Traded products,以及与GFSI的比对兼容等内容。


The BRCGS standard stipulates the "diligence" requirements of packaging manufacturers, suppliers, packers, fillers and retailers. The new version of the BRCGS standard has been updated in six aspects, mainly related to food safety culture, corporate environmental monitoring, food protection systems, risk control, pet food & traded products, and compatibility with GFSI.

This edition changes, focusing on the following 7 aspects of updates:


1. Strengthen the process adopted by the quality management system in printing and packaging control through risk and hazard analysis


2. Continue to ensure the consistency of the audit process worldwide


3. The importance of product safety and quality culture to improve the transparency and consistency of food and non-food product supply chains


4. Simplify risk-based health requirements


5. Introduce a new basic clause, corrective and preventive measures to deal with risks and reduce the occurrence of risks


6. Based on risk, implement microbial environmental risk monitoring


7. Simplify the surprise audit program



Training course income:


The training of SGS teachers changed the past: the traditional model of "teacher tells students to listen and take notes", but through the practice of courses, debates, and teacher's comments, let us understand the terms and requirements and apply  to the daily management. It is more conducive to improving the company's food safety management level, improving the communication between customers and suppliers, and reducing the risk of business operations.

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