Advantages of Karmay Companys food-grade plastic in mold labeling packaging technology



Karmay Company has 20 years of IML (in-mold labeling) product processing history. It has rich experience, mature technology, advanced technology and ample equipment. The workshop has 48 injection molding machines, mainly producing cups, bowls, barrels/covers and thin walls Products, degradable materials, tableware, etc., always adhere to the "hygienic, clean, environmental protection" quality commitment, to provide customers with quality products and fast service at home and abroad.



In the field of food packaging, the main reason for using IML (in-mold labeling) is more attractive product styles, bar codes and product information on packaging. People also pay attention to food packaging when they buy food. Excellent food packaging can attract users' attention. 

The advantage of in-mold labeling is that the printed image of the label (with hot melt adhesive on the back) is directly placed in the mold area of the plastic molding machine, and the label and container are combined together by blow molding or injection to form a complete Packaging container. There are many practical features of labeling inside the mold: the self-adhesive label and the bottle body are on the same surface. It feels like the color graphics of the self-adhesive label are printed directly on the surface of the bottle body.


Advantage of in-mold labeling

1、 美观
1. Beautiful

Through injection mold internal labeling technology, reduce the consumption of outer packaging materials and improve the grade of food outer packaging. Food packaging with labeling inside the mold has better texture and more beautiful appearance. Manufacturers can implant the brand concept into more exquisite packaging, thereby highlighting the company's brand image and obtaining better brand publicity.

2、 环保
2. Environmental protection

For the products processed by the in-mold labeling technology, the label in the mold does not need a backing paper, and the in-mold label material of the finished product is integrated with the container to reduce the amount of material used in the container itself. The materials used in the mold labeling technology are recyclable food-grade PP materials, which not only have light texture, good toughness and environmental protection, but also meet higher food safety requirements.

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