the advantages of disposable transparent plastic cups



Disposable plastic cups are used frequently in daily life because of their low price and low cost. They are easy to process into various shapes and are widely used in public places such as beverage shops, fast food restaurants, tea shops, bars, and coffee shops.


Since the disposable transparent plastic cup has the advantages of light weight, good toughness, high transparency and low cost, it is widely used in the catering industry, food industry, hotel industry, etc.

plastic cups


The food-grade transparent plastic packaging containers produced by Karmay Company can produce plastic cups of different shapes and specifications according to the requirements of the customer. The advantages are as follows:

1、  卫生高标准:经过高温杀菌处理,采用PP食品级材料制成

1. High hygiene standard: After high temperature sterilization, it is made of PP food-grade materials

2、  安全无毒,杯身耐低温、耐高温性能好。

2. Safe and non-toxic, the cup has good low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance.

3、  符合绿色环保要求,每个杯子都进行质检,保证高品质

3. It is meets the requirements of environmental protection. Each cup is subject to quality inspection to ensure high quality

4、  杯底厚实、不倾翻,适用于快餐店、茶饮店、酒吧等公共场所

4. The bottom of the cup is thick and does not tip over, suitable for fast food restaurants, tea shops, bars and other public places

5、  整个生产过程都在十万级洁净车间内完成,符合国家卫生标准,产品非常安全卫生。

The entire production process is completed in a 100,000-level clean workshop, which complies with national hygiene standards, and the products are very safe and hygienic.


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