Karmay|Christmas themed packaging product recommendation


Karmay|Christmas themed packaging product recommendation

Christmas is coming,and there is full of the atmosphere of Christmas.

Karmay has prepared a series of Christmas themed food packaging products, 

which are suitable for packaging Christmas cookies, candy, chocolate, cakes, etc.

Part I Christmas food packaging box

Customized IML

each element of the package can be designed as you wish,

give products high-end, high-value and desirable looks.

PP food grade raw material, which can directly contact with food.

All kinds of color matching, transparent or translucent, fully show the beauty of the product.

Universal design, wide range of uses,

it can be used to package or store cookies, candy, ice cream and other foods.

Part II Christmas chocolate/candy high-grade packaging containers

High end design, selected materials, healthy and odorless.

According to product requirements, 

portable handle design or no handle design can be adopted.

Tamper evident design ensures the safety and cleanness of the food products.

Part Ⅲ Christmas Party Dessert Cup

Clear finish, perfectly adds attractiveness to your products.

Perfect size for serving individual portions at Christmas parties, Holidays catering events.

Suitable for Cake, Dessert, jelly, pudding, yogurt, mousse, tiramisu, ice cream, smoothie and much more.

Beautiful, starting from careful packaging

May peace and happiness be with you always

Merry Christmas!

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